Celebrating 3 years in business

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Driven Steering Wheels.

To celebrate the occasion we are offering free shipping on all steering wheels purchased from our website through April 24th.

Use promo code 3YEARS



“We have made great strides since the first Driven wheel (pictured). What started as an idea on paper is now an international brand and couldn’t be more proud. The road though has been long and winding – but one that we would travel again and again.

Over the past 3 years we have been fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people and travel to wonderful places. Waking up every day and going to work is a pleasure because this is not a job for us – it is a passion and we enjoy every second of it.

We are excited for what the future will bring for Driven and know that you guys are as well. The company will be releasing a number of new products and will continue to support the auto community in every way we can.

Thank you sincerely for all your support.”

Zack Skolnick
CEO of Driven

2014 Promotional Video

Be sure to checkout our 2014 Driven Steering Wheels Promotional Video  with our President and CEO 24 Year Old Zack Skolnick