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Introducing the Driven Motorsport Racing Seat

About Driven Motorsport Performance Steering Wheels

Kevin Parlett - BC Racing Time Attack Driver

The ergonomic design of the finger impressions on the sides of the wheel are one of the most comfortable grips I have ever felt, without being overbearing for when your hand position isn’t perfect. I have used a few different wheels over the years and the Driven Steering wheels are by far the best looking, longest lasting and might be on of the best feeling wheels available, all while at one of the cheapest price points on the market.

Nelson Piquet Jr. - Former F1 and Current Global Rally Cross Driver

All cars require different sizes and Driven provides it all, and you can customize your wheel with sponsors. I feel better driving with them and so do my sponsors when I give them the wheel I raced with.

Spencer Davis - NASCAR K&N Series Driver

I love Driven Steering Wheels for the feel of the wheel, the suede gives a good grip level and the oval tubing that the Driven Wheels are made of supply us as a driver a natural shape that doesn’t cause cramping in your hands

Jonathan Nerren - Formula Drift Driver

Control is Confidence. My Driven wheel gives me the perfect feel and feedback as a driver further allowing me to stay calm and collected in the heated moments of competition.

Rathyna Gomer - Wrecked Magazine

This suede is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not the cheaper knock-off suede that you normally see be used as a coat or finish of a product. It’s actually very soft, but still offers the perfect amount of grip. Not to mention, it’s still very fashionable. Not to mention, it has been holding up surprisingly well (it has about a dozen track days on it – and sometimes I use racing gloves, sometimes I don’t) and it still looks brand new.

Matt Crafton - 2013/2014 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Champion

My Driven Elite custom wheel not only keeps it’s grip lap after lap but visually appealing to my sponsors.